What different packages do you offer?
Please refer to the SERVICES section

What styles do you specialize in?
Fitness with a touch of glamour, or “fit-glam” has always been my look of choice. Throughout the years, I have had experience shooting all types of styles including fitness, glamour, fashion, beauty, lifestyle, and nude photography.

How do you know what I really want to get out of the shoot?
A discovery call is provided for you before every shoot. This allows you to outline what you want to achieve out of the shoot. In addition to your suggestions and ideas, I always have several questions prepared to get as much detail out and understand what you’re really looking for.

What should I bring to the photoshoot?
Please come prepared with your preferred wardrobe, whether it be for a fitness (tank and shorts), glamour (lingerie), or any other look you’re going for. Also, if you choose to manage your own hair and makeup, please come photoshoot ready.

Who picks the edits after my photoshoot?
You do of course! After your shoot, an online proofsheet consisting of all of your images is sent via text or email for you to review. Take your time with your selection and feel free to share it with your closest for a second opinion. Once you’ve picked your favs, send over the filenames and my retoucher will work her magic. Please allow 3-5 business days to receive your final edits.

I don’t like the way my butt looks!
Love the image but want something changed/altered? Make sure to let me know and we’ll make it happen!

There’s a logo on my image, can I remove it?
All images posted online (website, Facebook, Instagram, etc.) must include the 6ix Models logo. This watermark prevents anyone borrowing or using the image without permission. Also, it’s an effective marketing tool to expose the 6ix Models brand.

How do I book my session?
Please contact booking@6ixModels.com to set something up!