Benefits of Booking with 6ix Models

Step out of your comfort zone

With hundreds of happy clients of all shapes and sizes, our team specializes in making you feel comfortable in front of the lens.

Capture a moment in your life

You’ve come so far overcoming life’s obstacles. Make sure to remember how hard you’ve worked and what you have accomplished.

Reach your goals

By booking your experience, you will set realistic, attainable goals which will result in a boost of motivation and confidence.

Networking opportunities

We are known to build long lasting relationships and connect our clients with partnerships within the industry.

Let your natural beauty shine

Trust our team to enhance your natural beauty while always maintaining your authenticity.

Reward yourself

Treat yourself to an experience that’s solely focused on you. Get glammed up and get all the attention you deserve.

Our Services

High End Photography

High End Photography

With over a decade of experience within the greater Toronto area, we specialize in eye-catching, jaw-dropping high resolution images that will get you noticed.

Celebrity Hair and Makeup

Celebrity Hair and Makeup

Hair and makeup from one of Canada’s leading MUAH artists who specialize in enhancing your natural beauty.
Professional Retouching

Professional Retouching

Our high-end beauty retouching services intensify your look while staying true and authentic.

Expert Coaching

Expert Coaching

Many of our clients are first timers or new to modeling. Trust 6ix Models to not only make you feel comfortable, but to make you look like a pro!

 Unique Locations

Unique Locations

Partnerships with some of the most stunning locations across Toronto to suit the look you’re going for.
Same Day Gallery

Same Day Gallery

Expect your gallery the same day of your shoot so you can start picking your favourites right away.

Transformational Experiences

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